About NUS

NUS (NewsUpdateSystem) accumulates top news in one place. The website began in 2018 but the idea sprang back to 2013. NUS if a fast growing website and still counting. We aim to help users easily find news content and be aware of what is happening around them.

1. NUS will do the searching for news content for you.
2. You will not have to navigates 1000s of website to find the top news content.
3. Can deliver news content to your device with NUS Subscribe.
4. Be able to upload and share what is happening in your area or Register as Press
5. It’s light weight and will load fine on any smart device.

Our Mission:
Educational purpose: You can use NUS for your research if you are ask to fine the latest News article. Or if you want to compare and have a broader view on a topic, or just keeping up with recent updates on certain subject.