DJI’s Osmo Pocket is a tiny handheld gimbal that shoots 4K footage

DJI’s newest product, the Osmo Pocket, is the smallest handheld stabilizer the drone / camera company has made. It takes a bunch of things the Chinese company has done really well and puts them into an impressively small form factor. It’s meant to offer drone-like footage in a size that is comparable to a GoPro (even if it can’t take the same kinds of wear and tear). The Osmo Pocket costs $349 and ships December 15th.

The Osmo Pocket stands just four inches tall. When you turn it off, the gimbal tilts the camera on end so that the whole system can fit into a small case, which then easily slides into a pocket — hence the name.

Instead of using the large Zenmuse camera found on the original Osmo or a…

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