Elgato makes an extendable rigging system for streamers and creators

Image: Elgato

Earlier this year, Elgato announced a lighting rig that can attach to a desk so YouTube creators, Twitch streamers, and other online content makers can more easily light their home setups.

Today, Elgato is taking that idea a step further by announcing the Multi Mount, an extendable, multi-purpose rigging system creators can use for their lighting, cameras, mics, or whatever they want to mount.

Image: Elgato

The basic $49.99 Multi Mount can be extended all the way up to 45 inches, clamps to a desk, and has a center ball head with a one-fourth inch screw that you can mount gear on.

If you want to pay for more accessories, you can make the Multi Mount do more: a $39.99 “flex arm” that can bend at three different spots…

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