Here are AT&T’s first real consumer 5G coverage maps

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AT&T announced today that its 5G network will launch in the first half of December. You can use it if you’ve got a compatible Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G, one of two unlimited plans, and are fortunate enough to live in one of the five cities where it will be available at launch — or ten cities that will get 5G by early next year. Now, AT&T has also shared its initial 5G coverage maps, and we’ve included them all in this post.

AT&T claims it has two kinds of 5G already, but this third one is the real deal, sort of.

  • You might have seen a 5GE icon on your phone — that’s actually just LTE.
  • You may have also heard about mmWave 5G, which is what AT&T calls 5G+. mmWave 5G offers lightning-fast speeds, but extremely limited coverage (see: Verizon’s…

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