Walmart begins direct-to-fridge delivery service for 1 million US customers

Video source: Walmart

First announced back in June, Walmart’s InHome Delivery service is now available for over 1 million customers in three US cities: Kansas City, Missouri; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Vero Beach, Florida. The service allows Walmart’s camera-equipped “associates” to enter your home and deliver food directly into your fridge.

Walmart’s service doesn’t come cheap. You’ll need to pay $49.95 upfront to have the company install the Level Home smart lock or the Nortek garage door tech its associates need to get into your home, and then there’s a $19.95 monthly fee to pay as well (although the first month is free). This fee gets you unlimited deliveries, although they’ll need to contain at least $30 worth of items to qualify for InHome Delivery.

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