You can preorder an Alexa-enabled Big Mouth Billy Bass for $40

<em>A prize catch: the Alexa-enabled Big Mouth Billy Bass. </em>

The must-have gadget of the holiday season is finally here, the latest in cutting-edge fintech: an Alexa-enabled Big Mouth Billy Bass, which is now available to preorder for $40.

This gadget has been a long time coming. A developer named Brian Kane first came up with the idea of hacking a Billy Bass to connect to Alexa’s API in 2016, before, in 2017, the makers of the fishy ornament said they were going to make Kane’s idea real. More than a year later, the product is available for preorder, complete with an official “Alexa Gadgetâ€� certification.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to connect the Alexa-enabled Billy Bass to an existing Echo device to get it working. But once it’s hooked up, you can use it for all of the usual tasks: setting…

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